May 2018 – Quarter Heads

It’s not so slow anymore, what with live shows, big sales, and a property deal.


00:01:29 – We just ran Black Friday in May. How were sales?
00:10:48 – An interesting stat about Scam Cash.
00:16:07 – Coming eventually: Modern Rogue headquarters
00:25:35 – Welp, things aren’t so slow anymore!
00:32:03 – Upcoming travel
00:38:18 – Night Attack is doing two live shows in California this month
00:42:41 – Bryce and Jeff did a mini ad jam
00:52:40 – A little on Jeff’s tree ad from a few weeks back on Scam School
00:55:03 – Adobe Time(tm)
01:12:57 – Brandt got a phishing call
01:21:43 – Shirts update
01:45:27 – Potpourri

Download audio

Brandt – @gatowag

Bryce – @brycas

Jeff – @rageselect

David – @davidrowyn

Jacob – @jacobmmerrill

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