April 2018 – New Uses

It’s a slow month, but we’ve managed to fill two hours of fantastic behind-the-scenes insights including scheduling possibilities, stories from the set, and mini Modern Rogue episodes.


00:01:26 – The immortal problem with YouTube and channel art.
00:05:33 – David and Jacob call in with a Scam Stuff product update!
00:15:32 – Man, it was a s l o w month, huh?
00:20:53 – Shirts update! Brandt’s in charge and a teaser of the new design.
00:27:39 – Modern Rogue interview with Bill Doran is on its way (it’s actually out now!)
00:28:22 – Stories from our two day shoot with homemade ballistics gel.
00:31:07 – A new use of Scam School Remix.
00:48:58 – Night Attack is coming LIVE to Los Angeles and San Diego
00:55:37 – Bryce has been in the host seat of the Weird Things podcast the past month or so.
01:05:30 – Mini Modern Rogue episode!
01:11:47 – Scheduling concerns and how could it be improved?
01:21:08 – YouTube’s notorious bell button.
01:24:04 – More thoughts on scheduling.
01:32:04 – How can the Scam School format evolve?
02:01:59 – Potpourri

Download audio

Brandt – @gatowag

Bryce – @brycas

Jeff – @rageselect

David – @davidrowyn

Jacob – @jacobmmerrill

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