October & November 2020 – Expected Ease

Another double-monther as we finish filming more Modern Rogue videos for two nonstop weeks. Plus, special guests on Scam Nation and scripting in After Effects.


00:01:19 – Re-counting our COVID experience days after the last episode was recorded.
00:03:50 – We just finished another Modern Rogue shooting session.
00:04:36 – Scam Nation: Jason joined Josie and Brian for a couple episodes.
00:05:34 – SN: Justin Robert Young made a surprise appearance on an episode as “The Government.”
00:06:51 – Working through a corrupted video file on our GH5.
00:10:10 – Modern Rogue: Making candy wines.
00:13:04 – MR: Making daiquiris.
00:15:20 – MR: Smoke arrows.
00:17:55 – MR: Pepper’s ghost.
00:23:08 – MR: Re-creating Indiana Jones for our (sugar) crystal skull episode.
00:25:45 – MR: A new Desperate Defense week!
00:31:49 – On the MR patreon: commentary from the editors.
00:32:58 – MR extra: An accidental podcast.
00:34:18 – The MR patreon may see some more updates in 2021.
00:36:34 – MR: Bottle rocket upgrades.
00:45:33 – Brandt’s taking a swing at an audio processing chain.
01:05:12 – Scripting and templating more Modern Rogue graphics.
01:19:26 – Brandt’s building a new computer.
01:23:32 – Potpourri.

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Thanks again to Heather Gardner for joining us. Check her masks out at FaceHuggins.com

Brandt – @gatowag

Bryce – @brycas

David – @davidrowyn

John – @skepticallypwnd

Jacob – @jacobmmerrill

Annaliese – @amuseliese

Cory – @ccranfill

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