July 2020 – Eye of the Storm

Facing a full month of Modern Rogue shoots, the crew reflects on a relatively calm month. Also joined with remote editor Heather Gardner.


00:00:00 – Introducing Heather Gardner, one of our remote editors.
00:01:28 – Scam Nation: Calculator scam.
00:05:39 – SN: Wine bottle challenge.
00:08:56 – Brandt took some time off.
00:11:53 – Scam Stuff has finally be re-designed.
00:14:44 – A new Modern Rogue-branded mystery box.
00:16:13 – Making the MR mystery box video.
00:20:09 – Making the lottery scratch-off video.
00:22:29 – Modern Rogue: Dakota fire pit.
00:30:37 – MR: Making a DIY pinhole camera.
00:40:39 – MR: Military hand signals with kids.
00:45:11 – MR: Rogue news with John and Bryce hosting.
00:49:07 – MR: Annaliese taught Brian and Jason to make a monkey’s fist.
00:55:06 – Facing another packed Modern Rogue shooting schedule.
01:00:21 – Potpourri.

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Thanks again to Heather Gardner for joining us. Check her masks out at FaceHuggins.com

Brandt – @gatowag

Bryce – @brycas

David – @davidrowyn

John – @skepticallypwnd

Jacob – @jacobmmerrill

Annaliese – @amuseliese

Cory – @ccranfill

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