May 2020 – Intellectual Construct

Modern Rogue did a 3-week scavenger hunt, we’re on TikTok now, and solving network issues in a time of global network overload.


00:00:00 – The Zeta Provocation scavenger hunt is complete.
00:13:25 – Constructing puzzles.
00:16:50 – We’re on TikTok @modernrogue.
00:27:59 – Productivity and customization.
00:46:02 – Everyone’s having network issues. What are our solutions?
00:51:49 – MR video: The Diamond Club book.
00:57:18 – MR video: Making coffee jello.
01:00:01 – MR video: Primitive weapons.
01:05:58 – Potpourri.

Download audio

Brandt – @gatowag

Bryce – @brycas

David – @davidrowyn

John – @skepticallypwnd

Jacob – @jacobmmerrill

Annaliese – @amuseliese

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