December 2019 – Forging

Brandt’s in HQ, new audio equipment including a new mixer, and the best of Modern Rogue in 2019. [Pardon any audio quality issues, we were still getting used to the new mixer mentioned in the show.]


00:01:31 – Brandt’s moved his work into HQ.
00:19:18 – Using Instagram alongside the YouTube videos.
00:21:42 – Modern Rogue videos: Forced Entry Week.
00:25:57 – MR videos: Blacksmithing.
00:31:16 – MR videos: 2019 Retrospective.
00:42:39 – The weird behavior of changing titles on YouTube.
00:47:10 – The value of tags exposed in YouTube’s new Creator Studio Beta.
00:55:02 – New audio equipment.
01:00:50 – New mixer for the studio: Behringer X32.
01:07:14 – Scam Stuff story update.
01:13:19 – Scam Nation videos: Palming Objects Naturally.
01:16:00 – Scam Nation using one of the remote editors.
01:29:26 – Night Attack is coming to SF Sketchfest.
01:33:44 – Potpourri

Download audio

Brandt – @gatowag

Bryce – @brycas

David – @davidrowyn

John – @skepticallypwnd

Jacob – @jacobmmerrill

Annaliese – @amuseliese

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