October 2019 – Moved In

Behind-the-scenes on our latest puzzle box and sizzle reel. Pickpocketing, fighting with staffs, and breaking into a car. Videos now coming to Twitter?


00:02:54 – Finally, someone has broken the “Codes Hidden in Plain Sight” code.
00:08:52 – The new puzzle box, Black Diamond Box, is out now.
00:16:31 – Behind-the-scenes shooting the sizzle reel for Black Diamond Box.
00:28:51 – We also filmed with Diamond Jim this month.
00:29:39 – More short versions of videos are coming to Brian’s @shwood Twitter account.
00:34:58 – John’s fully moved into the editing/equipent room.
00:41:42 – We’ve got a new Disk Station system.
00:47:02 – Update on the video production pipeline and working with outside editors.
01:04:06 – Modern Rogue videos: Halloween.
01:09:15 – MR videos: Pickpocketing.
01:42:24 – MR videos: Fighting with staffs.
01:14:01 – MR shoots: Breaking into a car three ways.
01:17:43 – New series for Modern Rogue patrons: Modern Rogue Patron Show.
01:19:20 – Looking at getting a new mixer (and improving our local audio quality).
01:24:06 – Tested out vMix call for last week’s Night Attack. How was it?
01:27:29 – Potpourri.

Download audio

Brandt – @gatowag

Bryce – @brycas

David – @davidrowyn

John – @skepticallypwnd

Jacob – @jacobmmerrill

Annaliese – @amuseliese

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