May 2019 – Direct

The longest Modern Rogue video yet, Mystery Jackpots were back in a new way, and lightsaber action.


00:00:57 – Headquarters update!
00:07:39 – Mystery Jackpots came back with a new offering and price.
00:13:17 – We shot and released some videos with Rick Smith Jr, including one about controlling a coin flip.
00:18:09 – And a video about throwing playing cards for distance.
00:21:56 – A follow-up to last episode’s talk about shooting Scam Nation videos a little unconventionally.
00:24:36 – We talked about using a hanger before!
00:29:19 – Modern Rogue’s lightsaber challenge video went out.
00:37:35 – The power of “free.”
00:40:30 – A huuuuge video on rapiers.
00:57:57 – Desperate Defense is back!
01:11:11 – Started filming a very different type of video on Aztec death whistles.
01:22:45 – Being an on-set “director.”
01:31:37 – Night Attack ran two banked episodes, the first time we’ve ever done that.
01:33:50 – We also had fans-turned-creators DrunkKidsGaming on Night Attack.
01:34:56 – Star Trek update!
01:45:26 – Potpourri

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Bryce – @brycas

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David – @davidrowyn

John – @skepticallypwnd

Jacob – @jacobmmerrill

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