September 2018 – What’s Cooking?

Update on the Modern Rogue website. A month full of shoots and recordings. Delicious!


00:00:48 – The Modern Rogue website has a new editor-in-chief. Why and how.
00:22:39 – MR Shoot: Cooking pork on an engine block.
00:27:52 – MR Shoot: Cooking burgers on a stove
00:31:36 – MR Shoot: What are drones?
00:35:40 – MR Shoot: Justin Robert Young was in town to talk politics.
00:37:54 – SS Shoot: A wet time in the great outdoors.
00:45:43 – The Rogue’s Revenge is back in stock while supplies last.
00:49:42 – Update on our data backup project.
00:55:42 – Brian and Justin recorded something that sounds like a new Night Attack comedy album.
01:00:05 – Brian’s brother Jay came on Night Attack to talk about his recent medical emergency.
01:02:33 – The Winter Movie Draft 2018 has begun!
01:09:03 – Stealthily becoming an educator.
01:26:04 – A look at the latest Patreon-exclusive Modern Rogue shirt.
01:29:42 – Potpourri

Download audio

Brandt – @gatowag

Bryce – @brycas

Jeff – @rageselect

David – @davidrowyn

Jacob – @jacobmmerrill

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