July 2018 – Jet Lag

We’re back from Los Angeles. A couple of new products. Hot peppers and liquid ounces of snot.


00:01:01 – Brian closed on the new property
00:26:25 – We all flew out to LA for a shoot
00:44:42 – It’s con season, so here’s our upcoming events
00:51:04 – Question: what are your podcast listening habits?
01:01:21 – We released the Cover Razor Wire Saw and the video is doing surprisingly well
01:07:10 – Some updates on Modern Rogue Patreon exclusive content
01:13:15 – Patreon was in the news…again
01:17:00 – We’ve been getting a lot of use out of Patreon Lens lately
01:19:15 – We shot two episodes with Macaulay Caulkin
01:32:09 – Brian and Jason subjected themselves to some insanely hot peppers
01:36:58 – We had to scrap a Scam School episode for the first time
01:44:30 – Some of the recent Scam School ads
01:46:32 – We filmed in a (kind of) new location
01:51:03 – The process of picking music for Modern Rogue
02:05:56 – We captured a surprising event on this week’s Scam School
02:11:45 – Potpourri

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Brandt – @gatowag

Bryce – @brycas

Jeff – @rageselect

David – @davidrowyn

Jacob – @jacobmmerrill

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