October 2017 – How To Haunt

Store updates, beauty shot techniques, and exposing the ghost hunting tv show exposé.

00:01:00 – Breaking down our massive ghost hunting episode.
00:15:59 – Update on shirts. They’re on their way!
00:17:34 – Brandt went absentee for a bit
00:26:29 – Plasma Lighter X and the work behind its product launch video
00:33:27 – Teasing the launch of the Outlaws Vault. (Recorded before it launched!)
00:38:34 – Night Attack will be featured on the front page of Twitch in November. Should we expect trolls?
00:44:34 – Modern Rogue episode runtimes are on the up-and-up!
00:49:13 – The work that goes into scheduling episodes
00:57:20 – Discord has worked its way into our communities this past year
01:04:38 – Brandt’s got a randt about review videos on YouTube

Download audio

Brandt – @gatowag

Bryce – @brycas

Max – @djoldfashioned

Jeff – @rageselect

David – @davidrowyn

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