August 2017 – KRAV MAGA!!!

Modern Rogue shirt designs, new gear, and welcoming David Rowyn!

00:02:11 – Update on Modern Rogue shirts and unveiling the design
00:13:01 – Brandt has finally handed his Scam School workload to Jeff
00:20:33 – How Brandt feels about letting go of Scam School
00:24:19 – KRAV MAGA!!!!!!!!!!
00:27:45 – Welcome David Rowyn!
00:35:17 – Pre-ScoopFest live show update
00:40:47 – Brandt got some new gear
00:49:00 – A broken camera panel
00:56:13 – Using Patreon as a distribution channel
01:06:30 – Scam Stuff’s Twitter is up and running!
01:06:56 – Where do we think secret codes should live?
01:12:03 – We we’re close to a hurricane and it was Mad Max for a while
01:16:53 – Potpourri

Download audio

Brandt – @gatowag

Bryce – @brycas

Max – @djoldfashioned

Jeff – @rageselect

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