June 2017 – Patronage

A new Patreon, TV stuff happened, and we check in on the newbies!

00:01:30 – Brandt Randt(tm)(kinda) – Audio workflows
00:07:12 – The Scam School pilots aired
00:14:57 – Modern Rogue is now on Patreon. What can you get and how does it help?
00:45:33 – The styrofoam knife video got a little heat, huh?
00:47:26 – Is there a guiding principle for episode length?
00:58:14 – Nerdtacular 2017 and other coming live events!
01:04:13 – What is DiamondClub.tv and what could it be?
01:08:57 – How are the newbies doing?
01:11:15 – 1-10, how are you feeling?
01:17:05 – Potpourri: Final Fantasy, noclip, Friends

Download audio

Brandt – @gatowag

Bryce – @brycas

Max – @djoldfashioned

Jeff – @rageselect

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