March 2017 – 14 Hours

How we color correct, easter eggs no one’s found, and (really) welcome our new editor!

00:00:57 – Welcome Jeff!
00:19:24 – We’re on a weird, 3-week cycle
00:21:18 – What’s going on with giveaway videos?
00:28:59 – Should giveaway codes be baked into Modern Rogue?
00:35:46 – Undiscovered easter eggs
00:37:33 – Brandt posted a HUGE Modern Rogue edit session
00:43:18 – Our new color correction workflow
00:51:57 – The power of informed viewers
01:06:22 – The grey area of advertising inventory
01:12:05 – Scam School remix and the ad playlist
01:27:18 – Patreon re-calibration incoming
01:42:38 – Potpourri and Video Game Discussion Corner Hourrrrr

Download audio

Brandt – @gatowag

Bryce – @brycas

Max – @djoldfashioned

Jeff – @rageselect

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