November 2016 – Max Tilt

We say hello to Max and a bon voyage to Jon! Plus: Black Friday debrief and Modern Rogue updates. Recorded November 28, 2016

00:20 – Welcome Max to the Bizarre Magic team!
08:51 – We bid farewell to Jon
15:41 – How did Black Friday look for the store?
18:41 – The story of the Black Friday promo that never came to be
27:09 – Modern Rogue update: Brian’s deep in the stats as we have another viral hit! (This was recorded when Modern Rogue was around 60k subscribers)
38:32 – We did a collabo…kinda! Sorry, List25 😦
40:33 – Canada love and international shipping
47:48 – Camera repair and Brandt’s looking at a new camera!
52:23 – Our Thanksgiving plans

Download audio

Jon – @jontilton

Brandt – @gatowag

Bryce – @brycas

Max – @djoldfashioned

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